Age of Ultron #3 Review

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Cover Artist: Bryan Hitch

Beware spoilers for Age of Ultron #3 follow!

Finally, Age of Ultron stepped up its game this week. While, I still would like a flashback showing how our heroes ended up here, I will settle with this exciting issue. We get a exciting start to the issue, Luke Cage knocks out She-Hulk is he selling our heroes out? What is going on? We flashback to an hour earlier where our heroes are discussing the plan Captain America came up with. We learn that he wants to sell an Avenger to the Ultrons to get someone on the inside and possibly bring them down from the inside. Here is where we find out that She-Hulk will be the Avenger sold because she can handle the attacks, and that Luke will be the seller.

Meanwhile, we see Taskmaster, Red Hulk and Black Panther in Chicago. When an Ultron comes in their sight Red Hulk attacks and rips off one of their heads. As that is happening they get attacked by a group of other Ultrons. During the attack Black Panther gets killed and the Fate of Red Hulk is unknown. Also why they need this head is also not know, I’d imagine that it is to gain more intel and to find some kind of weakness.

Finally, we see Luke walking inside the mothership with She-Hulk ready to make his trade, when he meets the person conducting the trade he is shocked at who he sees. The final page is a half destroyed Vision. Is Vision behind this world our heroes live it, is he the leader of the attacks, or just a pawn to some other bigger player? Only time will tell!

Overall, Age of Ultron #3 is the best of the series so far. I was glad to see the plot advance, even if it is still moving forward slowly. We got some action and the art continues to blow you away. I also enjoy some of the “smaller” players getting a chance to shine. The thing that keeps me coming back is how we have our heroes so defeated. It is interesting to see them this way, and to be so defeated and out of options that they would risk the life of one of their own. Let’s hope She-Hulk can do some massive damage and help bring these robots down! The only thing is that the end is going to have to go back in time or be in some parallel universe to fix everything, which is frustrating because it feels like we already have the foundation on how this story will end.

Age of Ultron #3 BUY IT – We get the best issue of the series yet filled with death, action, and beautiful artwork.

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