7 & 7 Review: The Invincible Iron Man

The third film in our Marvel March series stars the current face of Marvel live-action movies, Iron Man. Even still, this film came out well over a year before the original Robert Downey Jr pic was to hit the big-screen. Was it a treat for Iron Man fans waiting or just an unnecessary present? Let’s find out.

  1. The Plot – The plot is kind of simple in this film. Ancient elemental warriors are searching the Earth for rings which once collected will allow them to summon the Mandarian. A dangerous and imposing villain. At the same time, Tony Stark is dealing with being pushed out of his company while being pursued by SHIELD. It’s all laid out for you!
  2. The Characters – This film does a pretty good job of introducing Iron Man’s supporting cast while giving them mostly stuff to do aside from Jarvis, who I believe is only in this film for about a scene or two. They are all given key screen-time and serve the plot and character development.
  3. Voice-Acting – Iron Man’s actor from Ultimate Avengers 1/2 returns, and it’s still weird going back to the pre-Downey portrayal of the character. That said it’s mostly fine. That can be said of the entire voice-cast, they are fine but nothing stands out as being good or special. Just passable.
  4. Design – The designs were all over the place. Characters seemed kind of well lazily constructed. A bit stiff. I thought the Iron Man suit that they used was a bit bulky.
  5. Animation – This continues to be my major hang-up with these films. They seem so lifeless and stiff at times. Animation stays on a shoot for a second or two too long, and the characters don’t move with much energy. It’s really noticeable in destruction sequences.
  6. Pacing – This film is slow. Really slow. By the time the action and plotting really picked up, I had completely zoned out of the movie and only had it on because had to finish it for review. I get that it’s an origin story, but even that isn’t the focus of the initial act like it is in the live-action film. And things don’t really pick-up in the second act with Tony on the run from SHIELD while on the hunt for the rings.
  7. Originality – There is something to be said about not basing this off one existing comic, but being free from any specific story arc didn’t do this film any favor. Perhaps, if it were could have been more focused.

Well that’s it for this edition of Marvel March. Join us soon as we watch Doctor Strange!

Review 3 (Out of 7)Stiff animation coupled with an unengaging plot makes this a difficult recommend even for the biggest Iron Man fans. 

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