25 Days of Christmas

Welcome to the first day of December, which officially starts the countdown to Christmas and the holiday season!

I’ve mentioned this before, but personally I dislike the notion of doing themed months. The problems isn’t finding content, but developing original content without making it feel forced or easy. But Christmas is just such a special time that I find myself here once more on December 1st wanting to share the joys of the holidays with all of our wonderful fans!

Hence, we present the 2nd Annual Nerds on the Rocks’ 25 Days of Christmas. It will be a combination of re-posts/updates from last year, along with some new content coming from our ever growing stable of writers. Josh is already hard at work on several Top 10 lists related to Christmas music, I’ve personally watched some new Christmas specials, the podcast crew is already doing their homework for our Christmas Carol podcast and so much more. Stay tuned throughout the month for the most festive time of the year!

Earl Rufus

The owner of this little chunk of the internet. Enjoys having a good time and being rather snarky!

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