25 Days of Christmas: A Super Christmas Story!

Batman: The Animated Series: Christmas With the Joker, And people think they have crazy Christmases, in one of the earlier episodes of the smash TV show, Batman must deal with The Joker before harm comes to the police force and a reporter. And a very fun rendition of Jingle Bells!
Batman: The Animated Series- Holiday Knights, Batman: TAS ran long enough for Batman to star in not only one, but two Christmas episodes. Much like Christmas with the Joker, Holiday Knights was one of the earlier episodes in the revamped TNBA style. Instead of being one long Christmas episode, it has several mini-stories including various members of the cast.
X-Men- A Very Morlock Christmas, Even mutant-kind takes time out of their schedule to celebrate the holidays, of course there is always trouble when you save the world on a daily basis. Enters Leech, a member of the Morlocks and Storm, Wolverine and Jubilee go on a little Christmas adventure.
Justice League- Comfort And Joy, Before fending off an alien invasion, the Justice League settles in to celebrate the holidays in different fashion. Martian Manhunter accompanies Superman home to his parents farm, Green Lantern and Hawkgirl go off-world and The Flash attempts to bring joy to little children. A fun little special especially considering its place in the timeline.

Spectacular Spiderman – Reinforcement by theperminator

Spec Spiderman- Reinforcements, Spiderman must contend with the reformed Sinister Six on Christmas, and if that wasn’t enough he must also deal with his battling feelings for both Gwen and Liz. :O
Anyhow, these should get you through a cold Christmas Eve night!

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