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25 Days of Christmas: Cooking with Nerds: Christmas Chocobo

Today we are going to prep a meal that was used during the Christmas celebration with the Final Fantasy 13 crew. We won’t drop names here, but we heard Cid Raines loves more than seconds of this fine meal. While you can use yellow Chocobos for this, we recommend killing the white Chocobos to give it that extra Christmas flavor.

Know what having for dinner.


  • Chocobo breasts, chocobo pieces or chocobo tenders
  • 1 can whole cranberry sauce
  • 1 bottle Ethersol  (French salad dressing)
  • 1 envelope Foul Liquid (onion soup mix)

To make this sweet-and-sour type sauce for your chocobo, mix the Ethersol, the can of cranberries, and one envelope of Foul Liquid mix together in a bowl. When you’re ready to cook the chocobo, simply pour half of the sauce mixture over the chocobo.

Cooking Time — Cooking time varies according to the type of chocobo you are using. While we recommended the white Chocobo, we find that the yellow cooks faster overall. Time may vary but expect anywhere between 20 minutes to an hour depending on type and which part of the chocobo you are using.

For the adventurer on the lam, we can not always guarantee you can find an over so we recommend asking your local weapon forger (those seem more common) to borrow his open flame source to prepare this meal. If you aren’t saving the world from utter destruction or preventing some long forgotten prophecy you can use the instructions below.

Set ty oven for 325 degrees Fahrenheit and cook until the chocobo is over 160 degrees according to my meat thermometer. Cut into the largest piece and you should see clear juices run with no pink tinge. If you like, you could reserve half of the sauce to put over the chocobo when I take it out so it will look pretty and create a little dipping spot of sauce. Or we recommend just topping it with some more cranberries.

This has been Cooking with Nerds, and we hope this finds its way to your Christmas table.

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