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151 Proof Movies: The Wizard Drinking Game

E3 is right around the corner.

While we’re excited for the new game announcements, trailers and impressions.

But this year e3 is extra special. For the first time in 25 years, e3 will see the return of the Nintendo World Championship. A tournament that features 16 of the biggest and most hardcore Nintendo fans will run on Sunday night.

And as we’ve said time and time before, we do love a good theme so what better chance than to check-out the biggest marketing campaign for a Nintendo game… and one of the most shameless with 1989’s The Wizard.

Featuring the introduction of Super Mario Bros 3, The Wizard is… quite the film. Let’s get to the drinking game!

  1. California Lovin – This is an easy one. If you know the movie, or even its reputation, you know that “California” isn’t just a destination, but a repeated meme. So for every time California is mentioned, take a drink.
  2. RetroGrade Gaming – For any shot of a video game, take a drink.
  3. Track and Field – For each new location that our various teams of characters hit, take a drink.
  4. It’s so Bad – For any dated references/jokes, take a drink. (And yes, you will take a shot for the PowerGlove scene!)
  5.  The Pedo Files – Anytime that Jimmy’s dad/brother and the bounty hunter engage in any altercation (physical or verbal), take a drink.

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