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151 Proof Movies Hangover: Spider-man 3 Review

[After creating and then testing the drinking rules, Swan and Penguin recap their adventures with the movie. Offering their thoughts on the quality of the film itself, as well as how the drinking rules held up, and if worth using.]
Spider-Man 3 Drinking Game Rules

Spider-man 3 had a lot of expectations during it’s pre-hype. It was to be the first comic book trilogy to retain the original cast and crew throughout production. Sam Raimi had done a terrific job in introducing Spider-man in the first movie and an even better job with its sequel. So anticipation was high for the 3rd (and potentially final film), but to say it missed the mark… would be an understatement.

Let’s get to the scoreboard!

Movie: 1.5


I remember when this movie came out I was so excited to see it. I had followed all the updates and released pictures, discussed with friends how awesome it would be, basically hyped myself up for an exciting follow-up to Spider-Man 2. And then I saw it. Then we all saw it. And it hurt. And let me tell you, it still does.

If anything, the movie has gotten worse over time, with the aged CG and comparison’s to better superhero movies to make it is a hard watch. Even compared to the infamous Batman and Robin, I would say Spider-Man 3 is worse. I could go into all the details about what makes this movie painful but that has been done over and over by much more learned men than I, so I think I will sum it up in three words.

No. Ice. Puns.


This movie is bad. There’s no doubt about it. From our main character dancing in the most dorky manner to him literally smacking his ex-girlfriend there’s really very little redeeming about the film.

There is however some strong signs early on in the movie. The opening credits still remain rather awesome as they recap the prior two movies and the theme for the trilogy was always solid. Even some of the encounters between a maskless Peter and Harry hold up decently. 

Then there comes a part in the movie, just around the time when Harry gets amnesia that it begins to all go downhill, and it isn’t a slow descent, but an out of control one that you can’t help but watch. The end of the movie though is also kind of infuriating when he just let’s the villain go!

Drinking:  5


I’m going to have to give this bad boy a 5, I had to work the next day and let me tell you, that was not fun. The super powered rule was a killer as was expected but what I was not expecting was the Parker rule to take as much effect. It seems no one calls him Peter in this movie, just “Parker, Parker, Parker.” And our “Finish drink for dance scene” rule was a terrible idea, considering that the dance scenes happen five minutes apart.

If you think you can make it through the movie, give our game a try. It may make you forget you watched it.


I’ll be honest this movie can kick your arse. We quickly had to make adjustments to our rules as every time someone used their super powers (namely Spidey and his webs) would probably kill folks keeping up with it. The opening fight between him and Harry could easily get you through 2-3 beers. 

Other than that, the rules seemed fair. They came up at a decent enough pace that there weren’t too many major lulls in the drinking so it is a solid game. It helps make up for the movie!

Spider-man 3 is a disappointing movie. Even 5 years removed from its initial release that sense of expectations hang over it. It doesn’t help that some of the better parts of the movie (mostly the action pieces with Sandman) don’t hold up as well since the CG is really starting to show it’s age.

We reviewed both Spider-man 3 and Batman and Robin, and if push came to shove, I would have to recommend Batman and Robin over this film.

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