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151 Proof Movies Hangover: The Room

Thanks (I think?) to our fans and readers, we have accumulated quite the Bucket List of movies for 151 Proof Movies. And over the next few months (or years, its an extensive list), we’ll go through them as best as possible. But the first movie on that list was the Room. It was actually the 2nd movie on the site to get a set of drinking rules back in 2010. For one reason or another, it went by the wayside this entire time so we sought to remedy that this week.

So let’s get to the big board!



We all have heard about this movie, I mean, if you haven’t then clearly you have a life that involves fresh air which means I do not want to talk at you so leave. Now. This movie manages to do everything wrong and yet be so enjoyable. The acting is god awful, but it makes you smile. The pacing speed up with no warning as if it just connected with the Speed Force. The few special effects in the movie were terrible. But with everything being so wrong it all comes together into something that makes me smile. I definitely recommend seeing this one, but do it with friends or else you will Eeyore-depressed. The only part of this movie that actually bothered me was the music, I swear that it didn’t change emotions no matter what was happening on screen.


Its not often that we disagree on movies especially to such an extent, but I thought this movie was just awful. The acting… if you want to call it that was dreadful. The plot… of what little there is… was nonsensical with no real message behind it. The characters, perhaps the most interesting part of the movie, were all unlikable to a major degree. And… the special effects… which you wouldn’t think there would be much of.. was meh. There’s nothing worth seeing in this movie unless you really really want to torture yourself. 


Swan- 4

This is without a doubt most we have drank this year. For gods sake I finished my first beer within 10 minutes, and it didn’t slow down until maybe the last ten minutes. Luckily that was around the time I decided to switch to scotch to even out the playing field between the Penguin and myself. And before I end this review, I will say this took me twice as long to write on account of my fingers not really understanding how to type, then my brain forgetting how to spell. Until next week my friends!


Now this is a drinking movie, and it does show it helps to have people who have seen the movie come up with the rules. I mean I believe I was wasted within the first 20 minutes of the movie, at some point I stopped watching and only looked out for cues to drink. I’m sure we missed a ton because after a while there were just too many “Oh hi” and “Oh hey” in the movies. And honestly, how insecure can two people be about their friendship that they have to constantly remind each other, they are best friends? I honestly don’t think I’ve ever said it to my friends… and if I had it was not this frequent! So while the movie lacks any compelling reason to watch it, fun way to get your drink on!

That’s the Room ladies and gentlemen. As you can tell, you can get enjoyment out of it depending on how you go into the movie. Just don’t expect great quality, but if you want a low budget, cheesy affair this may be right up your alley.

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