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151 Proof Movies Hangover: Hunt to Kill

[After creating and then testing the drinking rules, Swan and Penguin recap their adventures with the movie. Offering their thoughts on the quality of the film itself, as well as how the drinking rules held up, and if worth using.]

There are good and bad things that come along with doing a movie blind. On the good side, you never really know what to expect especially if you didn’t look up opinions of the movie ahead of time. On the down side though, it also means that the rules may not always fit the film you were watching. Does Hunt to Kill fall into either of these camps?

Let’s get to the score board!

Movie- 3.5

Swan- 4

I will admit going into this movie I expected a mindless, fun action movie and that is what I got, but at the same time I got something more. I don’t know what it was about this film but something about it made it exceed my expectations immensely. I mean, the acting in it is sub par, it has some cheesy one liners and some pointless scenes but they all add to it. The cheesy one liners are awesome, Stone Cold is a great action lead and the way he kills off the final baddie was remarkable. I won’t ruin it for you but it is really worth watching the movie just for the final kill. 


I agree with Swan for the most part, this movie exceed my expectations. I really wasn’t expecting much mind you, but it turned out to be an enjoyable little action flic. What’s really remarkable is how it does it with so much against it. The main villain is just a tad bit over the top most of the time, f bombs flow like water through a river and the daughter is just annoying throughout the entire ordeal. The real strength of the movie is Steve Austin, who just has the aura around him that screams pissed off bad-ass, and it carries over well in this movie. He steals the movie, even if he is the star, with some awesome delivery and kick-ass fight sequences. 

I would also point out that I really dug the music in this movie. It wasn’t special, but it wasn’t annoying, it just seemed to fit most of the time. 


Swan- 2 

Having enjoyed this ridiculous action flick, it is weird giving it such a low drinking score. Our standard action rules (deaths, explosions, one liners) did not work with this movie. The film has a small cast so you only get about eight drinks from deaths, its set in the forest so not many explosions and thought the one liners were great, they were very few of them. I recommend checking this movie out but if you want to drink with it you will have to go with an amended set of rules. And I believe my friend Penguin has done just that so take it away Pengy…


The amended rules will be posted tomorrow hopefully, but for the most part we’re just changing around the core rules to better fit this movie. The death rule doesn’t go too far since there’s less than 10 characters in this film, and they don’t all die. The fights do feature some wrestling move, but Austin only goes hand to hand with like 2-3 people throughout the entire movie. Explosions… happened at the start and during the climax, the rest of it was pretty bleh.

We did get some mileage out of the villains threatening the damsel in distress so its worth keeping that rule intact. Hopefully, when we post the new rules, some brave soul takes up the mantle and tests it out for us!

All in all, Hunt to Kill turned out to be an enjoyable B-action movie. It never attempts to be anything more and that’s not a problem. Play to your strengths! Sadly, since we had no real idea about this movie, the drinking turned out to be pretty barren. I went through only 2 beers throughout the course of the movie. Let’s hope the amended rules will make it more exciting for other players!

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