151 Proof Hangover: The Marine 2 Review

[After creating and then testing the drinking rules, Swan and Penguin recap their adventures with the movie. Offering their thoughts on the quality of the film itself, as well as how the drinking rules held up, and if worth using.]

I do apologize, we are slightly behind having watched 3 movies in 2 weeks, and being stuck with some additional work in the real world that these reviews haven’t been timely. Instead of dumping all 3 of them at once, going to tackle them in the order we have watched them so far for WWE Movies in the Bank.

First up, The Marine 2 with Ted Dibiase.


Swan- 3

This movie was very surprising. I was expecting it to be a Die Hard knock off, on an island instead of an office building. And it does start off that way, though it pretty soon changes course. I kept trying to predict beats from the Die Hard franchise and I was wrong every single damn time. So I have to give this movie props for that one. 

Another extremely surprising thing about this movie is how fucking beautiful it was. Holy hell, it has some of the best landscape shots I have seen in a direct to DVD film ever. I recommend watching this movie just to experience those. 

The only downside about the movie that I found was the lead, Ted Diebioskawiskakis. He was an uncharismatic, boring lead. Sure, he looked intimidating but that was about it.

Penguin- 3

This movie is stunning. I mean I bet the crew was happy to be able to film on such a lovely vista, and they never shied away from showing it. 

Aside from the pleasure of the location, the movie was actually a lot more interesting and engaging than I imagine. It follows the fairly typical WWE Films model with someone’s wife/girlfriend/sister being kidnapped, and the hero being the only one who can save them. This movie doesn’t stray too far from the formula except the bad guys don’t actually know they have the hero’s wife until the climax. 

What it lacks in originality though, it makes up for with some fun action seet pieces and interesting side characters. It also features some clever kills here and there. 



This was another one where our action rules worked perfectly. Deaths, explosions, the other rules I forget right now. No god damn wrestling moves in this one. Balls. 


The rules worked well for the most part. Though I must confess, the notion of a double-header does always make me a bit more reserved with calling drinks. We try to create rules which are usually pretty black and white, but there are still scenes and moments which end up in a slightly gray zone which we must call on the go. With the idea of a second game right behind us though, tend to air on the side of caution which may have effected this film a bit.

That said, if you are flying solo with this feature, it more than carries it weight for drinking.

Coming into this film, and even this WWE Movies in the Bank marathon, I didn’t expect for this movie to be.. well good. I mean it was a direct-to-video sequel to an already low-budget B-affair on the big screen. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it is an enjoyable romp and a nice throwback to old school action movies.

I won’t recommend you going in finding anything new and exciting, but if you want a decent action flick you could do worse.

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