151 Proof Movies: Evan Almighty

We’re 3 weeks in.. thus far we have had two question sequels in Dumb and Dumberer when Harry Met Lloyd and Son of the Mask, but we’re hoping that things turn around with Evan Almighty in our Jim Carrey-less sequel month.  Unlike the other two movies, this film actually stars characters from the original film most notably Morgan Freeman returns as God, and Steve Carroll is now the main character.

With that said, before we get into the movie specific rules, we’re going to recap the two rules that have followed (and at times haunted us) throughout the month!

  • “Do You Remember?“- Every time a film attempts to make you laugh by repeating or paying homage to a famous scene from the original movie, take a drink.
  • “Do I Make You Laugh?”– If the movie manages to illicit an actual laugh from you with a joke (not laughing at how bad the movie is or some stupid logic), take a shot!

With that out of the way, we’re going to get Almighty with our rules!

  1. The Ark of War– Whenever someone says or mentions the “ark”, take a drink.
  2. And Then He Appeared Before Me– Every time that God shows up in the movie, take a drink.
  3. Walk the Dinosaur– When animals follow or listen to Evan, take a drink.
  4. Let’s Get Physical!- Evan’s appearance changes to make him more like Noah, take a drink!

There you have it. The rules have been set, and the game is ready to go. Join us Friday, Jan 18th as we check out the film. As always can follow @GT_NOTR and @Wooden_Pint or #151PM for all of.. our let’s go with witty commentary and observations!

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