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007 Days of Nov: Day 5

This past week we have been dissected the beginning of a Bond movie. We’ve talked about the pre-credits sequence, we talked about favorite theme song, and now we come to the end. As we look at which Bond movie has the best credit sequence.

Now the Bond title sequence is unlike… well was unlike… anything else in a movie. The sequences are as much a speculate as the movie itself. Whether its barely dressed girls dressing around under water, or barely dressed girls in the Union Jack, the Bond credit sequence are a thing of wonder.

Out of 22 movies, it was a tough call, but I’m gonna have to give it to… On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, as it is the only intro in the franchise’s history to pay homage to those who came before it. Granted, it is easier to do then say in front of Casino Royale, but it is a nifty title sequence with an awesome track to accompany it.


Sure in comparison to most of the other movies, the intro is pretty simple. There aren’t even any trippy colors, but like I mentioned before it gets the nod for tying into the movies that came before it.

Let’s turn to our returning friend Mr. Wolfwood with his thoughts.

My favorite opening easily has to be from “Live and Let Die”. Going back to my childhood, the sight of a woman’s face, cloaked in shadow for a moment before suddenly switching to a skull that had burst into flames stuck with me. Of course, this was before I knew about special effects or that the movies were fake, but it had gotten my attention all the same.

And because it deserves to be seen:


For the final say in the James Bond intro, hit up the comments section below!

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