This Week in Nerd: 5.12.14 – 5.18.14

This should be done more often, I do apologize. But here is a recap of all the great content we’ve posted over the past 7 days here on the site.


Nerds on the Rocks 171: Marvel’s Arrow of Thrones – This week we take a look at shows of the past season, what we want to watch in the summer and explain what pilot season is!

The Comic Anvil 44 + 45 – A double-helping of the Anvil this week as the group discusses the Amazing Spider-man 2.


Godzilla (2014) – “Godzilla delivers plenty of thrills and will entertain audiences with a certain degree of patience. The first half of the film relies on a strong cast selling a somewhat lackluster premise, but the spectacle of the second half more than makes up for any shortcomings that precede it.”

Scram Kitty and His Buddy on Rails (Wii U) – “Scram Kitty is a fun, but tough game. Once you wrap your head around the game’s mean hook, I believe you will be addicted. And for $10 bucks you really can’t go wrong trying it out.”

Wolverine #6 – “This is a very fast paced issue; a lot seems to happen in a very short time and the pacing works very well with the artwork. “

Justice League United #1“Jeff Lemire and Mike McKone deliver yet another fun book that showcases what we can expect from this title.”

All-New X-men #27All-New one-ups the excitement by bringing back great characters introduced in the equally amazingBatte of the Atom”

Fantastic Four #4“I am really enjoying Robinson’s take on these characters and things with him behind the helm things are certainly going to get worse before they get better.”

Tales from The Con #1 – “Overall this comic has many more funny bits than duds.  It may have worked better as a web comic seeing these strips pop up over the course of a year than to go through them all at once, but most of it still works.”

Shutter #2“ To get technical about it; I likey.”

NoTR Originals 

Ask a Dork: Motherly Love – Trent delves into some of entertainment’s more intriguing maternal relationships.

Top 7 Visually Impressive Batmobiles – We countdown the 7 best looking Batmobiles in popular media from movies to television.

Mai Tunes: Holy Musical Melodies Batman! – Did you know the original Batman series produced a music album? Listen to the golden pipes of Batman himself, Adam West, from these songs.

Kaiju Kommentary: Godzilla vs Mothra (1992) – Godzilla does battle with his greatest foe once again in this 90s classic.

The Amazing Spidercast: The Amazing Spider-man 2 – Our Spider-man movies retrospective comes to an end with our discussion on The Amazing Spider-man 2.


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