Nerds on Valentine’s Around the World

This year instead of beating several dead horses to death, we’re just going to share some of our favorite Valentine’s Day images for your viewing pleasure. Portal Valentine’s- This is just awesome. Valentine’s Day Penis Card- We’re immature, what can we say? Mario and Peach Kiss- Gaming’s first couple Call me Maeyb- A somewhat topical […]


Spotlight: “Mari0″ released for PC, Mac, and Linux

Ever wonder what would happen if someone mashed together this generation’s breakout puzzle-platformer Portal with the original Super Mario Bros.? No? Well, the folks at Stabyourself have answered that question anyway. The well-traveled plumber has taken a break from kart racing, tennis, and party-throwing to power up with the latest technology from Aperture Science. The game […]

Alan Wake AM featured image

Review Shooter: Alan Wake’s American Nightmare

Supernatural mystery writer Alan Wake returns less than 2 years after he infamously spent more than 5 years getting ready for his and developer Remedy Entertainment’s Xbox 360 debut. Instead of a full-priced retail title like the original, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare comes in the skin of a $15 downloadable title for the Xbox Live Arcade. […]


Dual Wielding: 2011 Recap Part 1

Due to some scheduling conflicts, and the holiday season, part 3 of our Top 10 Games of the Generations podcast has been delayed into the new year. Now that Christmas is over, there is less than 6 days left in 2011! Before, we nail down what is our Game of the Year, and various other […]

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Nerds on the Rocks 69: A View for a Kill

Anthony and Earl are joined by a trio of guests this week, (Francis, Corey and Parker) to talk about the wonderful world of the first person shooter. In honor of the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, and Halo CE remake, we take a look back at the history of the genre, from […]

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Special Service: Nintendo Fans Celebrate No. 2

While Sony fans have had to amuse themselves with various other issues the past for days in the wake of the PSN outage, Nintendo fans took to the streets to celebrate. What were they celebrating? Well as many know, Nintendo was able to secure the vaunted number one spot in the console wars, with that […]


The Blockbuster of Video Games

The title seems a bit misleading since this isn’t an article about Blockbuster video games or even building a better spectacle. This relates more to elements or traits from the movie industry I would like to see more readily adapted to the gaming industry. First, the notion of a “Tentpole.” In the movie industry, it […]

DC Flashpoint Teasers

Over on the official blog, DC is revealing teasers for their upcoming event, Flashpoint. We were able to obtain several additional teasers, which shows that this storyline may connect with more than just the DC Universe. Take a look below and tell us what you think.

Bar Banter: Video Game Stories

Imagine you are in the middle of a movie, all the major players are moving into position for what you can only assume is the beginning of the climax, battle lines have been drawn, weapons have been raised, and you are asked to take out the book provided to you and read pages 35-40 to […]