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Spotlight: “Mari0” released for PC, Mac, and Linux


Ever wonder what would happen if someone mashed together this generation’s breakout puzzle-platformer Portal with the original Super Mario Bros.? No? Well, the folks at Stabyourself have answered that question anyway. The well-traveled plumber has taken a break from kart racing, tennis, and party-throwing to power up with the latest technology from Aperture Science.

The game is now available for download at Stabyourself’s website for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. Bonus features include 4-player co-op and, more importantly, “33 different hats.” The game also sees Mario going all Sackboy on us as it includes a robust level editor–the very editor that was used to create the game, in fact. This just might be the closest you ever get to having a real Super Mario with the customization of a LittleBigPlanet. Knowing Nintendo’s contempt for the use of its IP by other parties, it might be wise to grab Mari0 sooner rather than later…you know, for science.


SOURCE: Joystiq


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