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Rebels #1

Dan’s Comic Reviews: Week of April 8th 2015

“Rebels” sets up a mini-series about the American Revolution, “Big Man Plans” keeps punching us right in the dick, and “Re-Animator” resurrects Herbert West (for better or worse), all in this week’s reviews. Rebels...

Review Shooter: Nightwing #1

Review Shooter: Nightwing #1

Writer: Kyle Higgins Pencils: Eddy Barrows Inks: Rod Reis    Nightwing #1 follows Dick Grayson as he returns to the role of Nightwing, and as he visits the Haley Circus, who are back in...


Review Shooter: Batman Gates of Gotham #3

Story: Scott Snyder & Kyle Higgins Writers: Kyle Higgins & Ryan Parrott Art: Trevor McCarthy Batman: Gates of Gotham #3 picks up after the explosions of last issue, and continues to follow Dick, Damian,...