New Years 2014: On the Rocks

First off, Happy New Year!

A New Year, means new beginnings and all that fun jazz, but the site shall continue to rock and roll as it always have.

That doesn’t mean we don’t have some changes and ideas in mind, and wanted to share them with you as we begin this journey into 2014!

Podcasts – Nerds on the Rocks, Dual Wielding and The Comic Anvil will pretty much continue business as usual. We have a bunch of awards shows lined up for the first month of the year, as well as more long-term projects including our movie projects on The Rocks. Be sure to stay tuned to these great podcasts.

Comics – Our comic coverage really began to fire on all cylinders at the end of 2013. With a talented team of reviewers churning out reviews weekly and our bi-weekly Comic Anvil podcast, just look for more of that great output. We’re also look into expanding our coverage with other companies, providing giveaways to some of our favorite comics and lining up interviews with creators from all backgrounds.

Games – This is an aspect of the site that has kind of fallen in recent years just due to general time consumption, but we want to remedy that in the new year. We’ll try our best to make “Power Hour” a more regular feature on the site as we work our way though games. Expect more reviews and editorial, and possible video coverage. We’re also looking to expand our coverage to include board games and more talk of mobile games (because it is totally a thing!)

Movies – 151 Proof Movies will continue to be a weekly fixture on the site so look forward to us getting wasted to even more terrible films! In addition to that, we’re looking to expand our general movie reviews output. We have a new reviewer coming on-board, and he’s excited to start his projects! We’re also looking to do more 7 & 7 reviews and start a new feature that we will explain during its debut, but it shall be a fun twist in re-engaging movies instead of traditional reviews. It shall be entertaining, we hope!

In addition to these three areas, we just want to have more fun on this site. Expect more themed content including Hanna-Barbera January! More off-the-wall humor. More talk on beer and liquor (Seriously for a site named after booze we don’t talk about it much, do we?). Guests and giveaways.

This shall be a fun-filled year On the Rocks! We hope you enjoy!

Earl Rufus

The owner of this little chunk of the internet. Enjoys having a good time and being rather snarky!

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