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Year in Gaming 2010: The Music

Since everyone else on Twitter is posting their favorite musical selections from video games, I figured I’ll pull off a double and post some of my favorite tunes from games released in 2010. This way it is both timely and I get to post awesome video game music. I will say that I haven’t played every game released in 2010 so I haven’t heard every piece of music, so sorry if your favorite song doesn’t make the cut. Also, I won’t be ranking these as music is very subjective and even more so in games where it could elicit a certain emotion in the context of the game, but doesn’t work as well on its own, on which merits do you value it more?

Kirby’s Epic Yarn- King Dedede- As much as it pains me to pick just one, and I’m trying my best to limit each game to one pick, this was such an awesome piece of music. Granted it is a remix, but it works so well in the game and just so catchy.


Halo Reach: The Pillars of Autumn– Say what you will about the Halo series, and I’ve said a lot not always good, but it has some fantastic music, and Reach was no different.


Goldeneye: I Believe– I will say I think Goldeneye Wii outclasses its n64 counterparts in almost every department except for probably the music. I felt the music in the Wii version was kind of flat and no where near as iconic, except for the Nightclub stage. Granted, this is slightly cheating since it isn’t original music for the game, but the way the music is used (growing louder as you enter the dance floor, more faint as you try and escape) really makes it stand out.


James Bond: Blood Stone: Opening Theme– I won’t lie this is here because I’m a giant Bond fanboy, and having a new theme excites me in some ways. Not the best, but still fun to listen to.


Transformers: War for Cyberton: Ending Theme– Much like Blood Stone, this is here because well its an awesome rendition of a fantastic song, and of course bought back the band that did most of the work for the Transformers movie, the animated one not the Bay ones.


No More Heroes 2: Margaret’s Theme– No More Heroes 2 was a fun follow-up to the original, while I feel it lost a bit of the personality in the transition, there is still some fantastic moments, and none better than this theme that plays when encountering Margaret who I believe is the 4th rank boss.


Sonic Colors: Final Boss Theme– I’ll be honest I haven’t played this game yet, but the music was posted on a site I visited and I checked it out, and I’ll tell you probably the first piece of music that has ever sold me on a video game. I am tempted to buy just to listen to this fantastic tune. I mean Sonic has always been known for some truly memorable gaming music (good or bad, its your call), but this is just something altogether different. WONDERFUL!


Super Mario Galaxy 2 – Of course my game of the year, also Dual Wielding’s soundtrack of the Year, had to make an appearance on this list. Now finding a single theme from this game is near impossible for me. I mean almost every piece of music in this game is fantastic, and cheerful and epic and memorable and a whole lot more adjectives so it was tough to narrow it down to just one. However, here is it…


Just listen, and listen again, and again, hell its what I’m doing.

Those were some of my favorite gaming tracks from 2010, why not sure some of your!

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  1. These are all pretty sweet. I’m currently making my own list here: http://primewax.tumblr.com. Mine isn’t limited to 2010 though, these are my all-time favorites.

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