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007 Days of Nov: Day 11

Fun fact time, apparently this site doesn’t run on EST so yesterday’s article also counted for today. Alas! I know to post them earlier.

As we’ve been exploring this week, the various aspects of what makes a Bond villain so memorable. We’ve discussed their secret lairs, their special abilities and their all so great plans of world domination or destruction or whatever they want to do. Today we shall focus on what happens to these foes once they finally come face to face with the man himself, Bond, James Bond.

Before we talk about how these foes meet their demise, we should also talk about their finest hour. What death caused by villains is the most memorable in the franchise’s history? And let’s not kid ourselves, there is only one. Yes, the Golden Girl from Goldfinger. Is there a more iconic scene in the franchise’s history? The scene is so famous that they tried to replicate it in Quantum of Solace with a girl painted in oil. It just wasn’t the same.


For my pick, it may not be the best, but at least to me it is the most memorable “Death” for a Bond foe. The end of 006 in Goldeneye. As Bond holds him upside down from a high perch, “For England James?” Then that cold hard look, “No… for me” and he drops his former friend. Sadly, this is partially ruined by the fact that the drop doesn’t kill him… getting crushed by the structure does.


There you have it, both were golden experiences… see what I did there? As always hit up the comments section with your thoughts.

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