This Week in Nerd (2.23.14-3.1.14)

Here’s a recap of all the great content we have published over the course of the week!


Nerds on the Rocks 162  – Back of the Box Game Bonanza! Have you ever read the back of a video game box? We haven’t either until this week. Justin hosts an episode as we try to pick out key titles based on their descriptions!

Drinking Games 

The Lone Ranger – Hi ho, Silver!

Resident Evil Retribution – We want to keep the legacy alive… not so much our livers!


The String Arcade – A surprisingly good take on video game themes using string instruments. From The Legend of Zelda to Plants vs Zombies!

Beware The Batman: Season One, Part 1 – The show may never return, but in 13 episodes it does leave a legacy on the Batman animated universes.

Dead Body Road 3 – “The violence and intrigue is ramping up and can only get better from here.”

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 31 – No rest for the wary as the Ninja Turtles get attacked during their tactical retreat.

Superior Spider-man 28 – Goblin Nation is underway after months of build up, does it live up to the expectations?

The Flash 28 – The Flash doesn’t spend into our hearts in another so-so issue.

Samurai Jack 5 – “ it doesn’t have as impactful or poignant of an ending as I was hoping for but it’s a fun ride with great art.”

Serenity Leaves on the Wind 2 – Are you a fan of Firefly and want more of that universe in your life? Check out this comic series!

Tomb Raider 1 – Lara Croft may have physically survived her time on the island, but the mental damage is still being assessed. Catch-up with Lara and the other survivors in this new comic series!

House Specials 

Kaiju Kommentary Son of Godzilla – What’s big, green, scaly and a father-figure? GODZILLA! GODZILLA! Check out Steve’s thoughts on this interesting entry in the series.

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