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Majora’s Mask 3D has been out for a few days and it is pretty damn excellent in my not-so-bashful opinion. Nintendo has made some spectacular HD-rereleases before, but this refresh is probably my favorite. That isn’t to imply that Majora’s Mask needed a lot of work though; Link’s trek through the dreamy and depressive land of Termina had always been my most enjoyed Zelda experience. And although we have already discussed why Majora’s Mask is unique and worth your time, we haven’t discussed one of the game’s coolest elements: the masks.

In practice these masks are treated as both gameplay tools and equip-able items, but their use is heavily inspired by the way various real-life African tribes use masks to “become” animals and cryptids. It’s a novel concept made more endearing by the way masks are leveraged in both the main campaign and the numerous side quests. Hell, even the game’s bosses are all masked. Clearly, masks are a central part of the game’s design.

Today we are going to spend some time highlighting a handful of the coolest masks in the game, with a few disclaimers: (1) These choices and their ranking are solely based on my opinion only, (2) I won’t be including any of the transformation masks because they’d all make the list, and (3) boss remains don’t count as masks.

7. Kamaro’s Mask

Ever feel like you’ve wanted to wear someone else’s head on your head? Kamaro’s Mask will fulfill your deep-seated desires. The weirdest of the 24 masks available to Link, Karmaro’s Mask can be obtained by encountering the ghost of Kamaro any night after 12:00am on a mushroom-shaped rock in North Termina Field. A talented dancer, Kamaro regrets of not having passed his dance on to others before passing. Play him the Song of Healing, and you’ll receive his mask – allowing you to spread his dance to the world. It’s a weird dance, and I love it.

6. Troupe Leader’s Mask

Originally known as the Circus Leader’s Mask, the Troupe Leader’s Mask doesn’t get nearly enough respect from Majora’s Mask fans. Not only does this mask have a new side quest available in Majora’s Mask 3D, but it makes Link look exactly like Gorman. Moreover, when worn the mask continually shed tears and will elicit a reaction from the people related to Gorman. You’ll receive it by performing in all of your Transformation Mask forms on the Milk Bar’s stage, and using it in the 3D version will net you a seventh Bottle. Awesome!

5. All-Night Mask

Ever wonder exactly why the Skull-kid Imp is pulling the Moon to the Earth? Or why Termina’s annual festival is celebrated every year? The only way to find out is to listen to Anju’s Grandmother ramble on for multiple hours while wearing the All-Night Mask. Otherwise, Link will fall asleep. Listening to her stories not only adds context to the game proper, but will also net you two coveted Heart Pieces. In order to get the All-Night Mask, save the Old Lady from the Bomb Shop on the Night of the First Day, drain 500 Rupees from your bank account, and buy the mask from the Curiosity Shop on the Final Night. The mask, for what it’s worth, also looks pretty nifty.

4. Blast Mask

Ever need to blow up a wall, but don’t have any Bombs in your inventory? Worry not, as long as you have the Blast Mask. I like this mask because of its practicality; it’s useful both in the environment and against the monsters of Termina. Careful though – if your shield isn’t up when you blow, Link will take damage. Not sure how that works, as the mask is behind the shield (on your face), but that’s game physics for you. To get the Blast Mask, save the Old Lady on the First Night, after 10pm.

3. Captain’s Hat

Another mask that doesn’t get the praise it deserves, the Captain’s Hat allows you to COMMUNICATE WITH THE DEAD! Well, not really. You can speak to the skeletal Stalchildren in Ikana Graveyard, as they mistake you for Captain Keeta. I love the side quest to get this mask and I love the following side quests that follow. So much so, that I’m not even going to spoil how you get this bad ass mask.

2. Stone Mask

The Stone Mask is a completely optional mask that will make your play through much easier. It’s an ugly looking thing, but when worn Link will be unnoticed by both people and most enemies. A few predators and (of course) bosses will see Link regardless of whether the mask is worn or not, but it makes stealth-based side quests 100% easier. Speaking of, in order to get the Stone Mask in the 3D version of the game, you’ll have to infiltrate the Pirates’ Fortress, sneak past the Gerudo Guards, and give a Terminian soldier a Red Potion. The catch is that you’ll need the Lens of Truth to see him. The mask is well worth the trouble.

1. Bunny Hood

Ahh, the Bunny Hood. How could the top spot not go to the Bunny Hood? An adorable, floopy wearable item, the Bunny Hood allows Link to run more than twice as fast as normal and increases his jump distance. It’s a must-have for those looking to get every Piece of Heart and complete the Bomber’s Notebook. I also wore it while tracking down every other mask. It’s great. To get it, visit the Cucco Shack at Romani Ranch, where Grog is sitting surrounded by Cucco Chicks. If you wear the Bremen Mask and parade around the chicks, eventually they will all become adults and Grog will reward you with the Bunny Hood.

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