Top 7 Things We Want Added To Miitomo

It has been a few weeks since Nintendo’s first mobile app hit the AppStore and Play Store, and now that the luster of the original release has wore off, many are left wondering/pondering if this app is worth keeping on their phone. After spending hours with the app, here are the seven things that the NoTR has come up with that we want to see added in future updates to make the product more robust. And to be fair to the game, we want to keep it within the spirit of the framework. So it will not secretly become a Super Mario platformer.Miitomo

1. Friend-to-Friend – The game allows you to answer all manner of questions posed by Nintendo, it even allows you to answer questions directly about friends, but why doesn’t it allow you to ask questions? Unlike many Nintendo games, there doesn’t seem to be any content filter and questions would only be shared among friends anyhow. Could even allow people the ability to turn off questions from friends.

2. Survey Says – Along the same line, why not have multiple choice questions/polls? Like it’s awesome that I learn almost all of my friends’ favorite food is pizza, but what if we had them choose between burgers and hot dogs or chicken and steak. Let’s see what folks think as a collective. And doesn’t need to be limited to 2 choices clearly.EveryoneVotes_Wii

3. Home is Where – Since your friends come visit you all the time, it would be nice if could spruce up your living space a little. Not expecting Animal Crossing or even Tomodachi Life level of depth, but maybe the ability to save some of our favorite Miifotos and hang em on our wall. Ability to get cheap furniture and decorate it with certain patterns.

4. If This, Then That – Even though you can reply to a thread, there’s no way to respond to individual comments, and think being added would be beneficial to keeping certain lines of conversation going.

5. More Loot Drops – The Drop mini-game is decent distraction, but it’s the only one and while they cycle out often enough, not much meat on them bones. While this may tread on Nintendo’s own Badge Arcade game, I’d like to see a crane mini-game added. Something that is still a bit of a headache, but a bit more interactive. Fill 90% of it with candy!NintendoBadge_Crane

6. Nintendo Damnit – I get that Miis are a brand within Nintendo, but this is still a Nintendo game. So why not go a bit crazy with the branding? Sure fruit costumes and ninjas are cute, but where’s the Link tunic? The Samus Helmet? The Yoshi costume? Heck what about picture stationary based off of game start up screens or famous scenes? Embrace your own history.

7. Money, Money, Money! – This is more for Nintendo, and kind of silly to suggest, but give people an option to spend money on more things. I completely appreciate the ability to mess around with the app and never have to worry about it being harassed to drop real coin on a game. But a business is a business. And let’s be honest with Nintendo’s history, folks will probably pay good money for stuff themed after Mario or Zelda or Pokemon or Splatoon.

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