The Tab: September 13th, 2010

What a most joyous Monday this is ladies and gentlemen. Not only is it the celebration of gaming’s biggest icon’s 25th anniversary, but we are on the eve of possibly the biggest game launch this year, Halo Reach has arrived, and every other game has gotten out of its way. But let’s go to our Tab.

So a big week for gaming, not only do we have the launch of the most anticipated game of the year, but we also have the introduction of Sony’s newest gadget, the PS Move. And with that comes tons of games.

Moving on to DVDs, last week saw the release of several big time TV shows, this week is the beginning of the summer movie blockbusters coming home.

So yeah Prince of Persia, which was a solid if slightly unmemorable movie, and a slew of hit TV shows can be yours for purchase this week. We got you covered from singing to medicine!

With the help of my Tweep, @stevienewell, here is the list of comics out this week.

And that is it for the week in comics, so get your calculator out, and tally up your Tab for the week. We’ll see you next week!

Earl Rufus

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