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Live-Action Gritty Pokémon Trailer

Now we here at Nerds on The Rocks aren’t saying this is real or fake. We aren’t even going to try and speculate. We do however appreciate the internet’s ability to start things like wildfire, and the fun that ensues from trying to guess if it’s real or not.

A very short little while ago, this video was leaked onto youtube:

Live Action Gritty Pokémon Trailer

We’re aware we aren’t the first to break the news, or even jump onto the wagon, but we felt it was an important endeavor to bring it to the attention of you, the nerds.

Does it look too good to be true? Not really, no. It does however spark a lot of still-existent Pokémon love within people. It also has brought out a lot of Poké-hate.

I personally wouldn’t mind if they made a live-action Pokémon movie that wasn’t full of hugs and candybars. I’m not sure if I would watch it or not, but hell – if DBZ can get a movie, I say it’s high-time that Pokémon jumps on the bandwagon.

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