The Tab: Sept 27th, 2010

Sorry about last week, The Tab runneth over from the week prior. Though I had a nice pull of comics. I recommend everyone check out Geoff Johns’ current run on The Flash.

Since we’re already pimping out Johns let’s take a look at what’s new in the world of comics:

As you know the Marvel list is put together with the help of @stevienwell who has let to get back to me on why folks should be reading Franken-Castle since it always seemed like a horrible idea to me.

As for me, does anyone else feel that DC’s women and villains are just holding up the brand right now? On the female side, you have Birds of Prey (which I hope everyone is reading), Gotham City Sirens (Which I must confess is a bit of a guilty pleasure, but I loved the Harley/Ivy dynamic from TAS and it carries over well) and of course Zatanna (who is doing her thing monthly now and such a fun ride) And of course Simone’s other big book, Secret Six, has been one of DC’s most consistently good runs for the past two years.

On the gaming side, we’re still warming up for the Fall onslaught while it has been tame since the release of Halo Reach, this week sees the release of some major titles!

So Dead Rising is probably the biggest game released this week. While Guitar Hero and Wii Party are most likely to ignite the sales chart. Final Fantasy XIV is out on PC, but Ps3 release isn’t until late next year.

And thanks to our partnership with Amazon Associates, you can pre-order any of the games above to help out the site.

Finally, the summer movies continue to come home this week with a line-up led by Iron Man 2 on DVD/Blu-Ray:

So there you have it a mix of all things nerdy with two big superhero movies, Iron Man 2 and Superman/Batman on DVD/Bluray, the final FINAL season of Scrubs coming out (a solid season that would have benefited from rebranding) and a DVD of Chris Jericho, one of wrestling’s greatest performers.

There’s your week in nerd so tally up your total and put it on The Tab.

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