The Sharknado Touches Down

As we prepare for the final installment in the Sharknado franchise, we have taken to using our 151 Proof Movies night as a way to revisit the movies. Seeing as they are rewatches of social phenomenon movies though, we felt they didn’t exactly need a review/recap. Instead, we will take a look at anything that stands out in the rewatching of the series either for a single movie, multiple movies or the entire series.

Today, we shall discuss the original Sharknado and Sharknado 2: The Second One.

sharknadoWhat do these two movies have in common aside from being the first in the series? They actually taken the premise at face value and make the Sharknado seem like a real and pressing concern to our heroes. For the most part. By the time, you get to the end of part 2, you can see the transformation of the series into more over-the-top and zany kills and cameos.

The first movie really does play to the strength of the storm with it moving inland as the movie goes on, eventually creating the sole Sharknado seen in the climax of the film. The film’s protagonist decide to use science to their advantage and counteract the momentum of the sharknado by dropping bombs inside of it. I don’t know if the science works, but the movie makes me believe it will work so I go with it.

That was the first movie though, of course they didn’t know what they had.

It was really starting the second movie that surprised me. Because the first 10 minutes or so of the film are a pretty somber reflection of the events of the first movie, and also sets up some interesting character arcs for Finn and April and the nature of fame.

sharknado-2-the-second-oneFinn, who is the main POV character for all Sharknado movies, is suffering from a mild case of PTSD. He doesn’t like to talk about the incident and doesn’t really embrace the fame that has come with it. He seems the reluctant hero for most of the movie though he is always ready to spring into action when the moments call for it. Such as landing the plane in the final moments of the opening sequence of the film. Eventually, after a rousing speech, and a chainsaw kill, Finn is ready to take on his role as hero and fighter of the Sharknado.

On the other end of the spectrum, you have April who has embraced her momentary celebrity status. In the time since the first movie, she wrote a book “How to Survive a Sharknado,” and her press tour is what gets them from California to New York for the sequel. Not only does she embrace her celebrity status, but like Finn she has a heroic side. Unlike Finn though, she seems a bit more proactive in this movie. Assisting people when the plane cabin begins to fail, shooting down a shark while holding on for dear life, equipping her hand with a chainsaw to do battle in the climax and so much more.

The second movie also attempts to try and EXPLAIN the machinations behind a Sharknado with actual members of The Today Show including Al Roker to break down the cause of the various Sharknados hitting NYC. It adds a bit of levity, science and carnage to the movie. But again by the end of the movie, the series has transformed into something… new.


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