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The JukeBox: Ocarina of Rhyme

Ocarina of Rhyme is a collection of 11 hip-hop/rap songs meshed with music from Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I’m sure you could have figured that out on your own, being the smart, attractive people that you are.

The original Ocarina master.

I’ll start off by saying that Hip-Hop and Rap aren’t my first two choices of music to listen to on my own time. However I do have a soft spot for the two genres every now and then. And apparently, this was one of those times.

There are definitely some songs on here that are more fun to listen to, and there are some that crash and burn – mostly because of the fact they’re accompanied by The Lon Lon Horse Race music, or Zora’s Domain theme. Those two themes should never be remixed with anything, ever.

I did find myself overcome with nostalgia while listening to Still D.R.E, backed with the Treasure theme. While it’s not one of the better songs in the collection, it was fun based solely on the fact it’s Snoop and Dr. Dre rapping with the memorable sounds of getting your boomerang, hookshot, and bow.

My overall feeling with these songs were positive. I will undoubtedly be listening to a handful of these for a while to come. The good, and fun, greatly outweigh the painful and annoying. But do realize that what works for me, may not work for you. This isn’t an absolute. I do recommend giving it a listen if you’ve ever liked hip-hop, or you appreciate remixes in general. Or even if you’ve ever just sat around and thought to yourself “I really wonder what this Busta Rhymes song would sound like while I’m going through Gerudo Valley.”

Official Website For the Album

Drunk Karaoke — Its been a REALLY long week, and you start to throw them back like water. Then THAT song comes on (we all have one), and you start humming the beat and next thing you know you are on the table singing along, waving your shirt over your head.


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