The Flash Season 3 Shade Review — Insert Witty subtitle about throwing


Ok spoiler warnings are moving at lightspeed! Our episode opens up with a monologue we’ve never heard before folks. As Wally (Keiynon Liondale) is narrating “my life as a teenage speedster”, Dad (Jessie L Martin) is clearly worried realizing a phone call from Alchemy isn’t too far away. Wally tries and fails to subside dad cop’s worries. Eventually everyone starts freaking out.

A new meta human hits the scene by the name of Shade (Mike McLeod) — shadow powers, can hurt people, very bad. So Team Flash is made aware of the issue to get a jump start on things. It’s very rare that Barry (Grant Gustin) of all people, asks the team to speed things along. All the more proof as to how serious Wally’s issue is.

During this time, the show flips to its best form; real human drama. So the family expresses their concerns over the dangers young Mr. West is facing. Barry confirms that he was indeed Kid Flash. Wally is somewhat mad for not being told of his alternate life. However Joe is left in an painful moment as a parent when his son questions if he trusts him to be a hero. Wally makes his exit as Joe remains silent.


We focus then upon Team Flash where things get “real” as well. Cisco (Carlos Valdes) and Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) have a talk…about her powers. With fear in her eyes she explains her change and what may come. She begs her friend to see a vision of her future to confirm if she becomes Killer Frost. Yet,  to Mr. Ramon’s dismay he see’s her evil persona. He decides to lie anyway. In her moment of weakness, Cisco couldn’t bare telling the truth. Keeping truths help to avoid pain but for how long?

Later on Joe and Wallace have a real heart to heart about his situation. Joe explains his fear is what surrounds Wally getting powers and his fearlessness. Immediately following, Wally starts experiencing painful memories as Alchemy begins summoning him. During the episode, Joe and some of the gang enjoy a night with outdoor movies. Mr. West also finally (yes) lands a date with the DA Cecil Horton (Danielle Nicolet). The date is short lived as Shade shows up to hurt people. Now what follows honestly, has to be a let down of fights. He’s dealt with quickly (har har) after barely showing up for five minutes.


Wally in the meantime, elects to place himself in a jail cell for protection. This unfortunately doesn’t help as he experiences highly painful memories. Alchemy apparently isn’t subtle with his calls. Joe makes a hard decision and follows his son’s advice to find the Alchemy.

Armed with a SWAT team and The Flash, the young man leads them to villain (?) and his lair. After a brief scuffle, things get really weird, really fast. A white flash of lightning speeds across the room freeing Alchemy, his followers, and systematically kills the SWAT team. Hey guess what, Barry is the only one that can see it!

During the commotion, the young West is drawn to Alchemy’s stone. As he reaches for the stone deciding his own destiny, he’s encased in a strange crystal. Is he ok? The white light then catches Barry and reveals himself to be an armored speedster called Savitar. Who and I  quote calls himself “the god of Speed”. Thus our episode closes on two big cliffhangers.


The was probably the best episode aired to date, sans a forgettable Shade. All the scenes with Cait and Wally were powerful and real. They both had to come to terms with the nature of their respective futures, which is scary in itself without having powers. This was a strong episode made by characters not name Barry Allen.

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