The Dark Knight Rises Round-Up

Like anyone else with the ability to read and the internet, we have seen the latest round of rumors regarding the hotly anticipated movie, The Dark Knight Rises. While most of these rumors/leaks/script reviews serve only to confuse the audience with abundance of√ā¬†contradictory√ā¬†facts, we have taken it upon ourselves to dig up our own source at the Warner Bros vault for the real scoop on 2012”s biggest summer movie.

It goes without saying that this source wishes to remain√ā¬†anonymous, but just in case it wasn’t clear the source sent us the following information with the strictest of confidence so we shall respect their wishes.

The source was able to confirm after the ending of the last movie that Christopher Nolan does indeed plan to bring back Batman/Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight Rises. While some fans thought the end of the last movie signified that Batman was leaving Gotham for good, we have been able to confirm that he will make an appearance. The source was uncertain whether it would be an extended cameo or a main role, we’ll have more when its available.

Rumors of where The Dark Knight Rises will film have included Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans and even London, while our source is unable to confirm any of those shooting locations, they were able to tell us that Gotham City will play a pivotal role in the movie. If the entire movie takes place in Gotham City is anyone’s guess, but expect to see a lot of it in the new movie.

As for villains, the source could only confirm that Two-Face is dead. Dead like your childhood gold fish. Gone, never to be seen again. Though there is a potential storyline to bring him back if Eckhart was interested. Other than that dead, dead, dead, dead, DEAD.

Speaking of dead, the source also tells us, contrary to ANY rumors you have seen online, Rachel Dawes is dead. She will not make an appearance as the Ghost of Christmas past nor shall she be a hallucination caused by the Scarecrow.

Finally, the source has confirmed that Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine will be having a role reversal in this movie where Freeman will now play Wayne’s trusted butler, Alfred, and Caine will take over as CEO of Wayne Enterprises. All our source could tell us is that audiences had trouble accepting the actors in their current roles.

That’s all our source was able to divulge at this time, but we hope to hear back with some more juicy tidbits!

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