The Comic Anvil 3.5: Extra!

Welcome true believers to our most hate filled podcast yet. Anthony, Dylan and I got together to talk about the DCnU solicits.

Are we in? Do we want it to live? There is a lot of “NO” going on in this episode. We tried to rip through them as fast as we could. That is why it was just the three of us. Could you imagine how long this would be with 5 people? By CROM, not even I have that much free time.
Do please listen and enjoy, 3 Marvel fans from 3 different generations (Teenager, Twentysomething and some middle aged drunk!) tear apart the new DCnU! Don’t forget to check us out on twitter and our Facebook fan page! Just look for The Comic Anvil!

Evil Eric Pilgrim and his Commonwealth brothers.

Download Ep 3.5 

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