The Amazingly Average Show: Switching It Up

When life gives you lemons, ask them why when you wanted apple juice! The return of the Amazingly Average Show is here, and we explain the sporadic schedule in a special Report at the start of the show, but once that is over we jump into what our favorite foods are and somehow end up ranting about Canada?

The main event of the evening? Nintendo has announced its new home console/handheld hybrid device and we’re all about that Nintendo Switch talk so join us for another in-depth conversation on the future of gaming!

  • Segment 1: Special Report On Missing Episodes
  • Segment 2: Favorite Foods
  • Segment 3: The Nintendo Switch

The Amazingly Average Hosts

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Earl Rufus

The owner of this little chunk of the internet. Enjoys having a good time and being rather snarky!

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