Talk of the Town: Skyfall Trailer 1

The latest James Bond adventure gets a brand new trailer. Check it out below and watch for our thoughts!


The trailer introduces several trademark Bond elements. Most importantly, the introduction of Daniel Craig’s version of Q who has been MIA since Die Another Day. He is a much younger man that any previous incarnation so it will be interesting to see the dynamic between the two.

In addition to Q, we get to see Bond wield his trademark gun, a Walter PPK, though this one comes with some fancy tech as Q explains it. And of course it appears that James Bond once again totals his extremely fancy car!

We get our first clear glimpses of Javier Bardem as the Bond villain of choice, and it seems like his origin or tale may be linked to Bond’s. As he notes, they were the only two to survive. The trailer goes into no further details.

There’s more to the trailer, but watch it a good 4-5 times, and then come back!


Seems like Bond fans are in for a double treat as there is also a USA trailer with similar shots, but some minor differences as well


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