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Top 7 Universal Monsters

Having written about at least one movie featuring each of the most famous Universal monsters, Ghastly Gems has hit something of a crossroads. Before moving onto sequels, spin-offs, and other monster-related oddities, let’s start...


Ghastly Gems: Frankenstein (1931)

Released the same year as Dracula, Frankenstein marked a pivotal moment for the then-budding horror genre. In sharp contrast to Dracula’s purely malevolent vampire, the central monster in Frankenstein is almost entirely sympathetic. While...


Ask a Dork: Non-RPG Villains

  What are some well-developed villains in games that aren’t from RPGs? It’s interesting that you specified villains that aren’t from RPGs. That makes this question a challenging one to answer. You see, a...


Dual Wielding 124: Super Mario Between 3D Worlds of Next-Gen

This week show has more impressions of Super Mario 3D World, Need for Speed, the PS4, A Link Between Worlds, Ace Attorney, Pokemon and the such. We also begin our Game of the Year...

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Review Shooter: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

When PlatinumGames and Kojima Productions took the wrapping off the game formerly known as Metal Gear Solid: Rising at last year’s E3, I commented on Twitter that it looked liked everything awesome and negligent...