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Titans #1 Review

Titans #1 Review Writer: Dan Abnett Art By: Brett Booth Friendships that were lost and forgotten have returned in a “Flash” in this issue of Titans. Wally West is back with his friends who...


Comic Review: Convergence: Speed Force #1

WARNING: Spoilers Follow Convergence: Speed Force #1 Written By: Tony Bedard Art By: Sean Parsons & Tom Grummett This issue starts a year in the past and Wally West is the Flash, and in Gotham...


Comic Book Review: The Flash #40

WARNING: Spoilers Follow   The Flash #40 Written By: Robert Venditti & Van Jensen Art By: Brett Booth & Norm Rapmund The epic, action packed conclusion that Mr. Venditti and Mr. Jensen have been...

Nerds on the Rocks 47: Charles and Erik’s X-Cellent Adventure

Nerds on the Rocks 47: Charles and Erik’s X-Cellent Adventure

X-men First Class is out and we all saw it opening weekend, and wanted to talking about this x-citing movie.  Nick, Anthony, Dylan and Earl join to discuss the movie, its successors (or predecessors),...

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Review Shooter: X-men: First Class.

Review Shooter: X-men: First Class.

I think of myself as a causal X-men reader. I’m a Marvel boy, so I like the team and some of the individual characters, but the X-men universe is so large that it’s near enough...