Superbowl Movie Trailer Round-Up

The Superbowl is home to many things.. a giant football game for one, but it’s also when studios start to really ramp up for their summer movies. This year we have been greeted with several key commercials/trailers for major movies later on this year. We will simply gather them here for your viewing enjoyment after the game.

Iron Man 3- Robert Downey Jr. returns as Tony Stark/Iron Man as he looks to be attacked both personally and superheroically by The Mandarin.


Star Trek Into Darkness– The follow-up to the franchise reboot seems to pit Kirk and his Starfleet members against a new deadly foe who is taking the battle to their home planet.


Fast & Furious 6– Dom and The Rock team-up to take on another gang of road warriors in another over-the top and fun addition to the Fast & The Furious franchise.


World War Z– Brad Pitt stars in this remake of War of the Worlds.. with zombies… I kid, but it really does look like that film.


We will update the post as more trailers/commercials go live.

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