151 Proof Special: Royal Rumble 2020 Drinking Game

We already have a Royal Rumble drinking game on the site, and for the most part it still works and will be recycled here (Honesty!), but we wanted to add to them this year for one very special reason… BROCK!

With the current WWE Champion, Brock Lesnar,  slated to enter the Royal Rumble at number 1, we felt it was only fitting that we crafted some rules for the Beast Unleashed on the entire WWE roster.

Since we know Brock is number 1, we won’t use the rules about picking your entrant number. Instead, take a drink for the following:

  • Brock eliminates someone.
  • Brock comes face-to-face with someone he has faced before. Take 2 drinks, if it’s a former WrestleMania opponent.
  • Brock delivers an F5 to someone.

Now that Brock is out of the way, let’s talk about the actual Royal Rumble match rules!

The Number Draw – This is a multi-step rule, and best with friends. Everyone pick a handful of numbers sans 1 (we recommend between 3-5) at random. That number than becomes your participants in the Royal Rumble match.

Now you will drink whenever:

  • Your wrestler is eliminated.
  • Wrestler hits their finishing move
  • Twice if one of your wrestlers eliminates another one of your wrestlers.
  • If your number rushes to the ring.
  • Drink two if your wrestler is eliminated before the next number is called.
  • Two drinks if your wrestler self-eliminates or oversells to be removed.

The Commentary – Drink whenever the commentators remind you of the rule that either both feet much touch the floor or wrestler must be thrown over the top rope.

Royal Decree – Drink for any reference to prior Royal Rumble/Rumble records.

The Andre the Giant Rule – Take a drink whenever a group of wrestlers team up to eliminate a bigger target. Take 2 drinks if they team  up, but fail to eliminate the wrestler.

Freeze Frame – Take a drink when the action in the ring stops for any reason.

Road to WrestleMania – Take a shot every time someone points to the WrestleMania sign.

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