Review Shooter: Zatanna 15

Writers: Derek Fridolfs & Jamal Igle
Artist: John Dell

Magic can be such a special thing. As we recently saw with the world’s love affair with Harry Potter, magic is still special and unique to many of us. However, how much does magic stand out in a world where men can lift planets or travel at the speed of light? Apparently, a lot if Zatanna 15 is to believed.

The core of the story has Zatanna being hunted after a string of shows by would be “witch hunters” as they look to exterminate her and her kind from existence. The idea of witches being supernatural beings and hunted by those who do not understand them isn’t new, and even has a basis in reality (something the comic plays with near the end, but the idea that people would feel more threatened by them than someone like Superman or The Flash or Wonder Woman is just a tad perplexing to me.

That said, I really did enjoy this issue. When handled properly, Zatanna is a fun character to read and understand. As with several of her peers though, she is also capable of so much so making her vulnerable is always a task in of itself. The way the group goes about it was actually pretty well planned. And while the initial part of their plan goes off without a hitch, I feel like their piss-poor contingency planning bit them in the arse. Though the cat and mouse game between Zatanna and her would be killers is a fun ride.

The art in the book was decent, I felt at times some of the faces were off-putting especially when they finally corner Zatanna in the book’s climax. Another moment that falls flat for me (and in the hands of another artist could have been the box’s money shot), is the scene when Zatanna escapes her pursuers with an extremely visual exit that just doesn’t live up to its splendor.

New Reader Accessibility: 5 This is a fine one and done comic. You needed know much about Zatanna to enjoy this comic, and I doubt you will really see the foes again.

Recommendation: Borrow It. I think the comic is worth a read, just not worth an investment to own. So if your friends have or local comic shop, don’t be afraid to scan through some pages.

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