Review Shooter: Wolverine #9

Cover by Jae Lee with June Chung

Writer: Jason Aaron

Artist: Daniel Acua

Wolverine is back from hell, and he’s looking for some payback. First on his list is the woman who sold him out: Mystique. Wolverine #9 sees the canuckle-head facing off against Raven Darkholme, and a mysterious assassin with ties to the Red Right Hand, the organization orchestrating all this carnage.

Wolverine #9 is one hell of an action packed and revenge fueled thrill ride that was a blast to read. While this may sound just like a straight up action issue, and we do get to see Wolverine just doing what he does best (and what he does best isn’t very nice), but we also get some development towards Jason Aaron’s overall plot, and the action large amount of action works extremely well for moving the story along the way it does this issue. In addition to some great action, and some plot development, we also get to see (again) that Aaron really gets the characters he rights, even though most of the dialogue in this issue consists of characters yelling at each other while fighting.

Daniel Acua isn’t necessarily one of the best artists on an X-book right now, especially when it comes to details, but he more than makes up for it with his great action scenes. His work really makes this issue feel like a blockbuster action movie and makes it a joy to turn the pages.

New Reader Accessibility Rating: 5. This book somehow both adds to the ongoing story we’ve been getting since issue one, but also doesn’t rely on you having read those issues. This is one case where the re-cap page is all you really need. Wolverine #9 is an excellent jumping on point.

Recommendation: BUY IT. I would say without hesitation that Wolverine is the best X-book on the shelf right now, and this issue is no exception. If you’ve been reading the book, keep reading it, and if you haven’t been reading, this is a very good place to start.


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