Review Shooter: Villains for Hire 0.1

Writer: Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning
Artist: Renato Arlem

Sometimes, all it takes is an interesting hook to gain some attention at a comic shop. It is part of the reason DC relaunched their entire line. Marvel has been trying something slightly different this year with their .1 books, which would serve as proper jumping on points for their series. So of course, I was naturally intrigued when I saw a comic labeled 0.1. I mean what was it exactly? 0 issues usually predate the series or serve as like introductory tales, but .1 are jumping on points. You don’t need both! Anyhow, how does Villains for Hire 0.1 work? Let’s find out.

I will just say up front, it doesn’t work. The book is titled “villains” for hire, but honestly the only reference to that whole notion is the final two pages of the comic, its “Epilogue.” So while this book may potentially serve as an introduction to the concept that will be in the pages of Villains for Hire, it is a really misleading title.

What we do get is a nice introduction to the Heroes for Hire team, which consists of a bunch of Marvel characters, who I’ll honestly admit aside from Silver Sable and Black Panther, I’m not all too familiar with. Unlike say the Avengers or the X-men, this doesn’t seem to be a team in the traditional sense, more akin to mercenaries for good who are hired by Misty Knight as a situation arises. In a bit, that’s probably funny because I don’t understand it, every time she “hires” a hero, she asks “Hero are you for hire?” and by the 3rd time, I was over it. Though, I do like Black Panther’s reaction to it.

The threat this time is Stilt-Man, who turns out to be a lady, and you get another interesting exchange between her and Black Panther. For the most part, the action is fairly brief, as this comic is more concerned with introducing the idea of this group and the various heroes. So you’ll get plenty of names and powers and splash pages of them doing stuff. You’ll get a lot of reactions from Misty Knight, but it won’t exactly be beaming with action.

I want to note, that while I’m not familiar with the character of Misty Knight, I couldn’t help but to draw parallels between her and the radio lady from The Warriors movie. She has a similar look, and in my head that’s now how she speaks!

The art for the most part was decent, nothing really stood out to me as being special, nor did anything offend my sense. It works for the book, I guess.

New Reader Accessibility: 5– Being that this was my first time reading the series (Whichever one it actually is), I didn’t find myself lost or confused at all. By the end of it, I kind of had an idea of who all the major players were except for maybe the main villain at the end, but you need a cliffhanger right?

Recommendation: Avoid It There’s nothing wrong with this book exactly, but there’s nothing really special about it either. It doesn’t really leave a lasting impression or has that one moment that makes me want to suggest it to anyone.

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