Review Shooter: Nonplayer 1

Writer/Artist: Nate Simpson

I’ve always been a supporter of sequels and franchises. I realize the problems most people have with them, but at the end of the day I rather enjoy a new tale or take on a familiar location than derivation of the same idea that is “new.” That doesn’t mean, I don’t expect to branch out from time to time nor does it mean I don’t want our audience to try new things as well.

Throughout the week, we will be highlight comic series that are new to the market. Some of these are from the big 2, others are from smaller publishing houses. While we can’t guarantee some of these books won’t feature capes or supers or√ā¬†intergalactic√ā¬†travels, we can promise they are new, and hopefully exciting!

The first comic series up has a lot of buzz around it. My twitter-sphere was abuzz when the first issue dropped a few weeks ago, and after reading it I can see why.

That comic is Nonplayer. Written and drawn by Nate Simpson, the comic is a blast to read and stare at. Now here’s the problem with reviewing Nonplayer, the hook of the series is rather cool and interesting, but to talk about it would ruin several of the cooler scenes in the book. So I’m stuck between not wanting to spoil the book, and giving a fair and accurate picture of what to expect. Sounds fun, no?

To give you an idea of the plot, it opens with a queen being escorted through the jungle. We soon discover that there are two people planning an ambush, and things are set into motion. You get some nice action scenes as the two of them try and take on the small forces escorting the Queen. And… well that’s about as much of the plot I can muster without ruining anything.

I will say, I enjoyed the story, and the hook has got me, I can’t wait to see what happens next. And I will recommend re-reading the comic once you are done. All of the ah-ha! moments will shine all the brighter.

As I said before, the art in the book is fantastic as well. Some truly awe-inspiring scenes. Honestly my words will do it no justice, just stare at the picture below:

Like I said before, this book comes with the highest of recommendations. Its fun, its unique (as far as comics goes), its wonderfully drawn.

Recommendation: Buy it.

New Reader Accessibility: 10. Its the first book in a brand new series. If that isn’t an accessible comic, I have no idea what it. The only problem is, it may be difficult to find in some comic stores, but its worth the hunt. Nonplayer is also set to run for 6 issues so if nothing else should be collected soon enough!

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