Review Shooter: My Import- Water Gun

Just so no one reads the title wrong. The name of the company who manufactured the water gun is called My Import, and the packaging literally says Water Gun on it. Is it the most creative name? No. But it does get the point across. And let’s be honest, I paid $1.29 for it. Hey, when you are starting out and you make no money, cheap is cheap. Free is better, but alas.
Well this is the gun you get for $1.29, well something like it. This is the stock photo on the website, but my gun couldn’t even afford to come with the fancy sticker you see on the water chamber. The color scheme is also slightly different, but when its that tacky does it really matter? On the bright side (and really no pun intended), you’ll never have this mistaken for a real gun.

Enough about its appearance though, how does it function as a water gun? Well for one, the capacity is a bit limited, it holds roughly about 10 oz of water, give or take. There seems to be a capacity for a bit more since some of the water gets stored in the gun, but in my hands on time with it, it began to leak. Yeah, a water gun that leaks, and its not even just like oh there’s excessive water here, it just leaks. Even after I emptied the gun, it continued to drip water from SOMEWHERE.

Okay so the thing looks gaudy as hell, has a low capacity AND it leaks, it has to have some redeeming qualities, right? This is a slight advantage, but due to its low capacity size, this thing refills in no time. Could probably get the tank to full in a manner of 2-3 seconds really. Granted, there’s the time it takes to screw it back on, but isn’t much really. Then it takes about 3-4 full pumps/pull of the triggers before it is ready to fire. So in total, maybe 30 seconds from reload to first shot?

Its difficult to gauge the range of a water gun (something, we’ll work on eventually) since it uses water which doesn’t really leave much color? But with some test shots, the range worked out to about 10 feet in ideal conditions. No wind, full tank, and fully pumped. So that isn’t too bad for a close-range weapon. Just don’t use it as a sniper. One interesting thing to note about the gun is it fires water out of both nozzles and depending on the angle they can criss-cross to form an X, which is kind of neat. Accuracy was decent, its a good thing that humans are big targets. Though you’d also have to account for the drop.

Finally, the gun’s weight and portability. Well for portability, I would say it isn’t bad, but not exactly something you can stick in your back pocket, but it isn’t that heavy so will serve you well as a back-up gun.

So there you have it, for a $1.29 it isn’t the WORST water gun on the market (Well only one we’ve tested so its technically the best and worst), but really if you want a cheap, and portable back-up gun, we recommend finding a dollar store that sells one of those neon water pistols.

Recommendation: Avoid

You could probably do better even in the price range. And I don’t like water guns that leak!

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