Review Shooter: Moon Knight 7

Moon Knight #7 Review
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Alex Maleev
Review by Anthony Lopes

If you asked me a few months ago who Moon Knight was, I really couldn’t give you an answer. After seeing issue 1 on the shelf with Moon Knight on the cover with a Spider-man and Wolverine hand and riding Captain America’s shield, I knew I had to start reading it. I was so intrigued by it, I wanted to know what these characters had to do with Moon Knight.

Well, I learned that Marc Spector is Moon Knight and has multiple personalities in the form of Spider-man, Wolverine and Captain America. Throughout the series, Marc uses his three personalities in thought and in action. He talks to them, they give him advice and he uses their fighting styles to defeat his enemies. Bendis did an amazing job picking out these three different characters with different personalities. He has Wolverine, who is hard on Marc and always tells him to go in for the attack. Then theres Cap, who brings reasoning and diplomacy and finally Spider-man who supports Marc and brings his comedic aspect.

I loved the first 3 issues of Moon Knight, it was new to me, and I liked the whole multiple personality aspect. Seeing Moon Knight get three different perspectives from his multiple personalities was brilliant. In one fight he dressed up as Spider-man, in another he had Wolverines claws. Then he went looking for the Kingpin of LA and it just got repetitive. In the first few issues, we learn that Marc moved to LA, he intercepts an Ultron robot, and there is a new kingpin in town. We don’t learn about the identity of the Kingpin until this issue, which was really frustrating for me.

Brian Bendis needs to bring something big in the next few issues. He did step it up in this issue but he needs more to grab my attention in the next few issues for me to continue to read it. As for the art, Alex Maleev is doing an incredible job. I love his artwork on this and his work on Daredevil, it’s what really drew me to this comic.

Overall I did enjoy this issue. It got back on track, resolved a few issues and revealed the identity of the LA Kingpin. Moon Knight is one crazy badass guy and the multiple personalities really appeal to me. If Bendis doesn’t drag this arc anymore than he has and keeps using the personalities of Spider-man, Wolverine and Captain America, he could have one of the best comics out there today. But would I read Moon Knight if Spidey, Wolverine and Cap weren’t in it? Sad to say but most likely not.

New Reader Accessibility: 4 – Want to start reading Moon Knight? Just start from this issue. All you have to do is read the summary of what has happened so far on the first page and you will be caught up.

Recommend: Borrow it – Do you have a friend that has it, then borrow this issue to see what you think of it before buying it. If you have been reading from the start I recommend you keep going, we will find out if this series is worth continuing after the next few issues.

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  1. MoonKnightFan says:

    I really suggest reading the trades of Moon Knight from 2006, starting with The Bottom by Charlie Huston. Great stuff.

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