Review Shooter: Green Lantern #1

Writer: Geoff Johns
Artist: Doug Mahnke

Synopsis – The Guardians foolishly officially reinstate Sinestro as a Green Lantern and gives him back his old sector to patrol. The Guardians do something that once again proves they are the biggest dicks this side of Jor-El from Smallville. On Earth Hal Jordan is having a tough time readjusting to civilian life.

Review– Green Lantern #1 was a welcomed change of pace from the somewhat empty blockbuster that was War of the Green Lanterns. Johns’s is back on his A game and Doug Manke does a great job of shifting between the outrageous space scenes and the ordinary everyday stuff. There isn’t a whole lot of action to this #1, it’s a small affair really. It’s mostly a set-up/downtime issue dealing with the fall out of the War of the Green Lanterns and dealing with Hal’s new Peter Parker status quo after being off planet for several months. Yes that’s right, it’s time to shit on Hal Jordan Peter Parker style. Hopefully that’s done after the next issue and we move on to Hal trying to get back into the Corps and watching Sinestro’s sudden but inevitable betrayal!

Accessibility:  I’d give it a 2.5 for accessibility. Newbies will have some trouble coming into GL with no exposure to any of the previous comics, but Johns does a decent job of telling us what’s what.

Survival: Live. Green Lantern is DC’s second biggest earner after Batman and will definitely thrive in the DCnU.

Recommendation: Buy it.


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