Review Shooter: Animal Man 1

Story: Jeff Lemire
Pencils and cover: Travel Foreman
Inks: Travel Foreman and Dan Green
Colors: Lovern Kindzierski


This book starts with a text piece about Buddy Baker starting with this quote “I realized I could make more of a difference educating people on animal rights than I could by punching out a super villain, you know? It was kind of a natural progression, an evolution.” by the time you are done reading this first page, you know exactly what Buddy is all about. Part time Super Hero, part time movie star, part time activist and full time family man. As it turns out, the first page is an article that Buddy is reading in the kitchen of his own home.

Then the fun begins, kids are squabbling, wife is talking him in to putting the suit back on and his youngest daughter wants a pet. Then we find out that Buddy can’t get to close for to long with any one animal. It throws his powers off. Finally Buddy takes off for a night of adventure as Animal Man. Eventually he comes across a hostage situation at a hospital. Here we see Animal Mans powers kicking some ass. After the escapade, we are treated to a dream sequence that comes across very creepy. Eventually Buddy is woken up by his family to check on his young daughter. Upon finding her, it seems that she has some powers of her own. Bringing dead animals to life. End of issue 1.

My take

I personally loved this book. Great writing from my fellow Canadian Jeff Lemire. He gave the story a feel I never expected from an Animal Man book. Perfect set up, perfect cliffhanger. In my opinion, that’s how you write a comic book. The art by Travel Foreman was new to me. Yet perfectly suited to this story. I also have to mention that the colors by Lovern Kindzierski are superb. Really helps the mood especially during the dream sequence. I can’t recommend this book enough. It is by far, in this reviewers opinion, the best new DC book so far. (yes, yes, I know it was only week one!) So tell your parents and your kids. Animal Man is here to stay.


Recommendation: BUY IT!

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