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Poll Position: Favorite Spider-man Villain

This was an interesting poll, based on how the original Raimi trilogy is usually ranked, the results came in as expected. The surprise is what happens outside of the main two.

Spider-man 2 is considered the best film in the Raimi trilogy, and even the best Spider-man film with the release of Amazing Spider-man. So it should come as no surprise that the villain from that film, Doc Ock garnered the most votes in the poll. Taking more than 40% of the votes, Doc Ock doubled his nearest competitor.

And his nearest competitor was of course the villain from the first film, the Green Goblin. Sure the costume is a bit goofy and doesn’t age that well, but the pure terror that he gives off still resonates with fans.

It was no surprise that the villains from Spider-man 3 ranked the lowest on the list, what was surprising was which of the Spider-man 3 topped the list from the movie. Emo Spider-man was included on the poll as a bit of a joke, but if you think about it he could be considered a villain. He serves as a major threat to the hero though on a different level than physically. He assaults innocents and pushes around those that are weaker than him. And eventually the hero does have to defeat/get rid of him. And it seemed like some of you agreed with us as Emo Spider-man came in 3rd on our poll.

And to follow in his shadow much like in the movie, Venom comes in 4th on the list with about 8% of the votes. Sandman and new Goblin round out the poll tied for last.

All in all, some interesting and not so interesting facts about the Raimi Spider-man films.

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