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NoTR 30 Countdown Day 3

We continue to rock and roll as we reach Friday’s big event, Nerds on the Rocks 30. Our very first, Versus podcast, pits fictional icons against each other fitting whatever criteria you want in a battle of epic scale… hmm epic is becoming passe so how about grand event!

Today, we bring you two fresh and fun match-ups so let’s not waste time and head on over to the big board!

Thanos vs Darkseid

  • Thanos from the Marvel Universe. Serves as one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel-verse and the master of death (Someone correct me?) Most known for wielding the Infinity Gauntlets.
  • Darkseid from the DC Universe. One of the gods introduced during the New Gods arc. An extremely powerful being in the DC Universe who is obsessed with finding the Anti-Life Equation, which he does during Final Crisis.

Master Chief vs Samus Aran

  • Master Chief, one of the main heroes of the Halo franchise, a storied Spartan soldier.
  • Samus Aran, the main heroine of the Metroid franchise, a bounty hunter who works alongside the Galactic Federation from time to time. A somewhat dubious past now thanks to Metroid: Other M.

A battle many gamers have thought about

Hit up the comment box below with your thoughts!

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3 Responses

  1. Clayton says:

    Samus beats Master Chief because her Super Bomb instantly anihilates all life within its range.

  2. Nathan says:

    Master Chief blows Covenant dick. Samus is not only a skilled fighter, she’s sexy. That gives her props against Master Chief, who is a faceless mute. But also, power-wise, Master Chief just has a bunch of pretty generic guns. Samus could not only just roll into a ball and grenade him, but could also use her powered up beam to just disintegrate him. Compared to Samus, Master Chief is just useless.

    I don’t really know much about Thanos, so I’m going to say Darkseid, because he’s badass enough to destroy and conquer entire galaxies just to find a single equation. That and he’s a GOD.

  3. The pint says:

    This is a tough spot for me.

    I don’t know much about Thanos BUT he is Marvel, and Penguin is a DC person.

    Darkseid is pretty awesome but got to go with Thanos on this one out of spite

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