Nerds on the Rocks 80: Nerd Bowl I

It’s Superbowl weekend! The biggest weekend in sports! So we wanted to get in on the fun, but since none of us really follow football, we had to change it up a bit! Introducing the Nerd Bowl! A weekend of fun-filled activities as our 5 hosts pick their teams on this very special episode of NoTR. Over the course of the weekend, each team will be put through some grueling challenges or something, but before we get there listen to how these teams came about! The logic is pretty solid!

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Our Team Owners:


Earl Rufus

The owner of this little chunk of the internet. Enjoys having a good time and being rather snarky!

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3 Responses

  1. Drawer says:

    Yakko can talk your ear off and Dot is…cute. Wakko though, has a magic bag he can pull anything imaginable out of, plus has the ability to eat anything. Also, he plays a mean piano.

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