Nerds on the Rocks Episode 4

After a two week break, The Nerds are back. In this episode, The Nerds tackle the grueling subject of video game movies. Just why are they so bad? Then they look at the shows that had their last giddy up in this past year. Finally, cocktail chatter brings all us news of inflatable karts. So tie yourself to the bar stool because we don’t want you falling off after a round of Nerds on the Rocks.

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3 Responses

  1. Dan says:

    I don’t understand why so many people are down on Prince of Persia. It isn’t going to be nominated for any oscars, but as a fun way to pass 2 hours I felt like it held up just fine. At least worth matinée price.

    The Chun Li movie, on the other hand, was flat-out baaaaaad. I really wanted to like it, but there’s just no way around the fact that it stank. Even the adorableness of Kristen Kreuk could not save it.

    Finally, I’m not sure if you guys talked about it and I missed it (I’m listening while working), but the D.O.A. movie is my favorite videogame movie of all time. Unlike Chun Li, D.O.A. was one of those rare “so bad it’s good” experiences. It knew how ridiculous it was and ran with it, and the result (especially when alcohol is involved) is an over-the-top gratuitous good time.

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