Nerds on The Rocks: Drinking Achievements

There’s two things we really love on this site, well more than two, but drinking and video games. From the golden days of the NES to our current gen Xbox 360s, we love to game. And really who doesn’t love to booze? Beer or wine or hard liquor, its all good!

It got us thinking, how could we combine the two. And over the next few weeks, you’ll see examples of that including video game themed drinks and drinking games for some of your favorite video games. But one idea really stuck out the most. Ladies and gentlemen, we present The Drinking Achievements!

200 GGo The Distance– Finish an entire handle (1.75 Liters) of alcohol in a single day on your own.

125 G- Left 4 Dead– Finish a case of beer (24) with a friend in a single night.

100 GThe Triforce– Spend the night alternating between beer, hard liquor and wine and live to tell the tale.

100 GBeen Around the World– Sample alcohol from 10 different countries in a weekend.

75 G- Catch Em All– Sample every beer a bar/pub/tavern/restaurant has on tap in a single night. (Should be at least 10!)

75 GThe Day After Tomorrow– Extend your drinking time until the following morning. Must start in the evening night before!

50 GAnchorman– Assembly your drinking team!

50 GWorld Map– Visit a bar, club, pub,  and tavern on your journey.

25 GFriend Like Me– Buy a round for all your friends.

25 GBe Our Guest– Tried a house special drink.

25 GSuper Potion– Take a shot, its your lucky day!

25 GBeer Necessities– Enjoyed your first beer of the challenge.

25 GFruit Ninja – Sampled your first glass of wine.

25 GPerfect Strangers– Get a stranger to buy you a drink.

25 GMedic!– Hydrate yourself or a friend with water or Gatorade.

15 GBoomer Bile– Threw up from a night of heavy drinking.

15 GFade to Black– Passed out/forgot a portion of your night.

15 GGame Over– Get kicked out of an establishment/cut off for the night.

5 GPress Start– Begin your drinking adventure!

(P.S: Much like Trophy patches, these achievements don’t work retroactively. Sorry!)

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