Nerds on the Rocks 42: The Frostman Cometh

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the most jam-packed episode of Nerds on the Rocks yet. We’ve got everything for you from our discussion on Free Comic Book Day (which is tomorrow, Saturday May 7th!) to our video game collection to Project Cafe to the PSN outage. And that’s not all, our very first interview on the show! As Stephen Frost of Sega joins us to discuss the various versions of Thor! This episode is double-wide and double-thick because its made just for you!

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End song by NachoManLance

Rough Breakdown:

  • First 26: Free Comic Book Day Discussion
  • 26:00-35: Our video Game History
  • 35-1:00: Gaming News
  • 1:09- Interview with Stephen Frost

Earl Rufus

The owner of this little chunk of the internet. Enjoys having a good time and being rather snarky!

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3 Responses

  1. Crash says:

    Booyah, Grandma. Booyah.

  2. Rugdog says:

    Sonic The Hedgehog is a good all ages book. You could totally jump on with issue #225.. or the Genesis re-boot… they usually do all-new issues on Free Comic book day. It’s really a character driven Superhero book… but with little animal people…

    Same with Darkwing Duck. If you can get past the fact that they’re cartoon animals, both series are really great!

    As for Project Cafe. I think it’s stupid that they aren’t putting a harddrive in it. They say they’re gonna use SD Cards. The controllers (if there’s screens in them) Are gonna be really frikin’ expensive. They also said they are going to work on their online capabilities…

  3. Not the Taverneer, I can assure you says:

    Awesome intro song. It was like my ears were being made sweet love to by a chorus of angels inserting their glowing johnsons so far up my ear canal that my cochlea orgasmed. The wax money shot spurted forth like a geyser of gelatinous bliss covering the walls of my domicile so thickly than a thousand years from now alien archaeologists will find it completely intact. In fact I’ll still be alive, living off the memory of that glorious tune fueling my now immortal body like ambrosia of the gods. The aliens’ scanner will pick up the song radiating in within every molecule on Earth and be transmitted across the universe bringing awesomeness to all and everything that ever was through both time and space.

    In short, I liked it.

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